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VBI (Vertical Blanking Interval) page








Ronald Snoeck does not take any responsibility for the use of information found at this page. This page allowes you to see live Packet 8/30 and VPS data of all UPC Eindhoven channels received in Eindhoven.


20-12-2010. I improved the server code. You can go here to check-out the real-time decoding.

5-12-2010. At the moment I am customizing the software for a third customer. It seems that many cable providers Are updating their equipment from analog to digital. At the head-end they convert it to analog again. At this Head-End they are in need of a VBI decoder for verification.
If you are interested please contact me.

On request I can provide you with an URL where you can remotely test the functionality of the VBI Decoder.

30-11-2010. The last couple of weeks I have been contacted by several engineers. In Eindhoven a local TV station wanted to check if the WSS they are transmitting was correct. Later I was contacted by another company. They also were interested in testing with the VBI decoder. I both supported them with the VBI decoder. Image 1 Image 2.

17-08-2006. The VBI server STABLE again. I had sysnchronisation problems between some threads. I will publish some of the nice features of the software on the Windows Programming page.

14-08-2006. The VBI server is unstable. I am working on the problem.

01-07-2006. The site is updated and running again.

15-06-2006. Due to hardware upgrade the VBI Decoder is now temporary disconnected.

10-06-2006. The web interface is improved. This page is updated.

22-04-2006. Starting this page.


In 2003 I build a VBI decoder. I needed this decoder for logging actual VBI data generated by the Video generator described on my projects page. This VBI decoder used a teletext decoder and was controlled by IC.
On this page I will describe the design of the hardware and software. During the design of the software I had to deal with the real time decoding problems.
The hardware design and build will be presented on this page.
I will also describe the VBI contents itself.

I will start with making it posible for you to see what is send by the broadcasters in the VBI.

The VBI decoder has a multi threaded webserver, so it can be controlled by a remote web interface. See the link on this page. The server is on most of the time, but I'm still working on the software.
Please be patient, I will work on this page when I have time.

You can "zap" through all TV channels of the Eindhoven cable and study the VBI data.
The page will be refreshed every 10 seconds.

In the near future the following subjects will be explained on this page:

  • VBI
  • Teletext
  • Packet 8/30 Format 1
  • Packet 8/30 Format 2
  • VPS
  • WSS-625
  • Macrovision

Usage of this page

At this moment the server is only available on request. Here you see an example.





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