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USB page








Ronald Snoeck does not take any responsibility for the use of information found at this page. This page is for those, who are also interested in making an USB PC connection with a Cypress processor. It is possible that programs contain errors.


26-02-2006. Starting this page.


I wanted to have communication between the PC and an external device. I thought of an USB connection. How to start? What processor? Where to find all information? I started this page so you do not have to go through the same struggle.
Finally I decided to use the Cypress AN2131SC processor. This Cypress Semiconductor EZ-USB chip is an enhanced 8051 with fast execution time and added features.
On this page I will gather all information I needed. You will find links and examples. You only need to check this page when you start a project from scratch.
Please be patient, I will work on this page when I have time.

In the near future the following subjects will be explained on this page:

  • The Cypress AN2131SC
  • The hardware (glue)
  • Setting-up the AN2131SC software project with Keil (Evaluation version)
  • Setting-up the Windows DDK environment





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