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     This drawing was made in Singapore in 1997. I was told that it means 'Good Fortune'. Click for the explanation.    



Smartcard Analyser page








On this page my analyser is described.
The Analyser software is far from perfect. I will work on it. The version released is tested on a Pentium 200MHz, in a DOS box. I included some scripts (*.scr).

02-02-2000 The schematic is updated.
The analyser will be embedded in the the MacBase Eurocrypt Emulator. When the development of the Emulator is mature enough, this analyser will be removed from the site.

User Interface:
- F1: Will reset the card.
- F2: select script to run. After the script will be executed.
- SPACE: will pause the running of the script.
- F10: Will abort the program.

The serial port is now fixed on port 1. I will change this.

The Analyser software analyzer.zip,

The circuit is very simple. The Smart Card Clock is generated by a PIC16C84. Another clock generator will also do off course. As long as the clock frequency is the same. The RTS from the PC is used as MCLR signal for the Card. The software is working but not suitable for publishing yet. I will publish the first version soon. I still use it for checking my smart card software. I will also publish some srcipt files that holds recent logs from pupulair decoders. While I prepare the software release, you can start building the hardware... If you have questions, please ask!!!!
There is no PCB available, I have build it on a breadboard.





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