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     This drawing was made in Singapore in 1997. I was told that it means 'Good Fortune'. Click for the explanation.    



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Together with a colleague (Frans) I was asked by Philips Singapore to help a team to work on the Philips L7 TV chassis. We stayed in Singapore during the months April and May of 1997. First I stayed in the hotel Royal Crowne Plaza Hotel at the Scotch road. A week later I moved to the Orchard Apartments.

On this page I want to share my experience with you.

Evening impression of Orchard road and MRT travel.

Click for playing the video.

I just met Annemieke so I agreed to do the trip only if she was allowed to come over during my stay in Singapore. Philips paid for the extra trip for Annemieke.
The 2 month did have an unforgettable impact on me. Singapore is a multicultural society. People live in peace with each other. The city is alive day and night. The taxi fee is cheap. The subway is very well organized. Because Singapore is a "fine" country, it is a clean and save country.

This is an example of the Singapore metro MRT (=Mass Rapid Transit) fines.
Having the same fines and enforcement would solve a lot of problems in the Netherlands!

Everywhere you go you will hear air conditioners. So you have difficulty to find a quit place. You can eat many different foods for little money. There are a lot of "Hocker centers" where you will find many culture foods.
You also have to get used to the humidity (99%).

This is first hall you will see when you arrive in Singapore. It is the arrival hall of Changi Airport.

This is Merlion. The Merlion has a head of a lion and the body of a fish. The Merlion was designed by Fraser Brunner for the Tourism Board in 1964. In 1997 the Esplanada Bridge was just finished (bridge on the left). When I saw the statue position I thought it was wrong positioned.
This is the original
Merlion location in 1997.
The statue is relocated on the 23 of April 2002 to the
new location.

Behind the Big Merlion you will find the little merlion.

This is a shot in the Orchard apartments where I stayed for 2 month. On the roof top there is a swimming pool, sauna and gym.

Frans -my colleague- and I visited the " Bukit Timah nature reserve". The visit was an experience of a life time. It is like survival journey in a jungle.

Explore Bukit Timah with me in this video.

Click for playing the video.

Feeding the monkeys made them very aggressive.

Annemieke and I booked a boat trip to the Singapore Kusu Island or "Tortoise island" (Chinese).

View of the Singapore harbor.

On the boat we had a nice lunch.

On the Kusu Island you will find a Malay shrine and a Chinese temple. The legend has it that a giant turtle turned into an island to save 2 shipwrecked sailors, a Malay and Chinese. As an act of thanks, the two men build a Chinese temple, Malay shrine and a huge turtle sculpture on the island.

There are many temples in Singapore. You are allowed to visit them on bear feet. This is the Sri Mariamman Hindu Temple in Chinatown.

Upstream on the south bank of the Singapore River you will find Boat Quay. Since the 1990s, Boat Quay has been transformed into a pedestrian mall with restaurants, pubs, cafes and clubs. Annemieke and I had many a great dinners in these fine restaurants.

On the North bank of the Singapore River Sir Stamford Raffles landed. He founded Singapore on the 29th of January 1819.

Many souvenir shops make it difficult to choose what to buy.

The Jurong Bird Park has an area of 202,000 square meters. It opened the doors in 1968.

At the Jurong Bird Park, a drawing was made for me. We have put it on the wall at our home. The Phoenix and the Dragon is also the logo of the "ronaldsnoeck.com" domain.

Click for playing the video.

In this video the drawing is explained.

You need more than one day to explore the whole park. This is a video of the Jurong waterfall.

Click for playing the video.

The Singapore Zoo occupies 28 hectares (0.28 km˛) of land. There are about 315 species of animal in the zoo.
You can also visit the Night safari.
Here Annemieke is receiving a kiss from a giant elephant.

You probably never experienced rain like in Singapore. You need only a view seconds to become soaking wet.

Click for playing the video.

While I was at work, Annemieke visited the Singapore Japanese and Chinese Garden.

This pair of gardens includes a Suzhou-style Chinese garden and a Japanese garden sited on two adjacent islands and linked to each other by a bridge.

From mount Faber you can take the cable car to the Singapore Sentosa Island.

Click for playing the video.

The Mount Faber cable car station.

Sentosa, which means tranquility in Malay, is a popular island resort in Singapore, visited by some two million people a year.

Click for playing the video.

The Underwater World oceanarium on Sentosa is home to more than 2,500 fishes from 250 different species. This is a sea dragon.

Clown fish.

Click for playing the video.

Sentosa is a major tourist attraction, it hosts a sheltered beach of more than two kilometers in length on its southern coast were we had a great swim at the Palawan Beach.
Palawan Beach, where a
suspension bridge links beach-goers to the Southernmost Point of Continental Asia, or Asia's closest point to the Equator, boasts beach bars where you can chill out while staying in touch.

A colleague suggested a trip to the Kota Tinggi (Lombong) waterfalls. The Kota Tinggi Waterfall is located 62km away from Johor Bahru and 16km away from Kota Tinggi.

Kota Tinggi waterfall video.

Click for playing the video.

We took the bus nr 170 from Singapore to Johor Bahru. Larkin Bus Terminal we took the bus to Kota Tinggi. From the bus station in Kota Tinggi we made a deal with a cab driver to get to the Kota Tinggi Waterfalls.

Be careful when you have a working permit. When I reentered Singapore the customs did not continued my working permit. My visa became valid for only 1 month. Philips had arange a new visa.

At one night in the weekend I went with some colleagues to the Singapore hooters bar.

Lots of beer and nice girls made the evening to an unforgettable evening.

This video shows a part of china town. First the New Bridge road and then Trengganu street.

Click for playing the video.

Click for playing the video.

"The joy of sax" is the slogan of the Saxophone bar. This bar was just 100 meter from my apartment, I spent many evenings listening to many blue's bands. In the video you will see OD Levey. The Saxophone bar was located in the Peranakan Place Complex. In 2005 when I returned it did not exist anymore.

Every day we went for lunch to a hocker centre nearby. A hocker centre is place were you have a lot of small kitchens close together. All kinds of foods can be found.
I was promised that the first hocker centre I visited would be a real culture shock. Before the chicken rice was served the women cleaned her forehead with the dishcloth, then she cleaned our cutlery and finally our table with the same cloth.
The Chicken rice we ate was delicious.

This was our favorite restaurant. Sam was always cheerful. Here we just finished our lunch. Sam is serving our coffee.

Lunch at Sam's.

Click for playing the video.

This is shot of the lab were Frans and I worked on the L7 TV chassis. We worked together with 3 French colleagues.

Click for playing the video.

Video impression of the lab.





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