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     This drawing was made in Singapore in 1997. I was told that it means 'Good Fortune'. Click for the explanation.    



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In the year 2000 Radio 538 started a project called 538Webstation.
After buying the tool on CD you are able to make your own radio program. You can upload your program and try to become DJ of the month. The tool looks fancy but when your used to real buttons it is not easy to use. You have to move your mouse all over the screen to control the program. This is why I started to work on the "multiplay engine".
In the 80's, I was a DJ on several illegal radio stations (Radio "de Eenhorn" Uden, Radio "Vrij Brabant" etc.). Making jingles and mixing was number one for me. So now I thought, why not try the internet? Using the name "DJ Ronald" I uploaded my first 5 shows to 538Webstation.

19-11-2006. I have added a show that was lost for a long time. The show is about and with music from the eighties. Joren brought a box of 12Inch records.

09-10-2003. I have left (Cable) Chello. I have switched to a professional (ADSL) provider Demon. This provider allows me to run the server for live streaming. All links to the server are updated. The server can handle 20 listeners so do not hesitate and listen to "Radio Action Live".
Most of the evenings I switch from automatic jingle/music engine to live mixing. With the 96kbs stereo stream it is realy fun listening.

28-12-2001. I have added the latest Radio Action Show #6 Radio Action #6! This show lists the Top 10 of the Dutch Top 40 of the year 2001 and much more.
The complete 290 record list can be found here!.

21-12-2001. I have added the latest jingle for the christmas show of 2001 trailer show 2001.

04-12-2001. I have changed the jingle player on this page!
The correct Windows Media Player settings are added to the page.

05-05-2001. Show 5, with 35 minutes of Radio Action #5, is added to the page.
This is the studio.

02-02-2001. Show 3 (Christmas show )is added to the page. Soon Show 5 will be added!

21-01-2001. You can mail me for placing your request or suggestion on the show.

17-01-2001. I have added some new jingles.

13-01-2001. This page is created.

The Latest Show.

You can play the show with a 33k3 modem easily.(Windows Media Format WM-AUDIO 32kbps, 22kHz, stereo) Radio Action #4, Radio Action #5, Radio Action #6, Radio Action #7,

Top 40 2001.

I have made an Excel sheet of the Top 40 2001.


The Jingles I use (made).

Jingle 1, Jingle 2, Jingle 3, Jingle 4, Jingle 5, Jingle 6, Jingle 7, Jingle 8, Jingle 9, Jingle 10, Jingle 11, Jingle 12, Jingle 13, Jingle 14, Jingle 15 Jingle 16





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