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     This drawing was made in Singapore in 1997. I was told that it means 'Good Fortune'. Click for the explanation.    



PIC 16x84 Programmer








On this page you can find two programmer I use for the 16C84 processor.
All information can also be found elsewhere on the net.
If your PIC is a PIC16C84 set power-up timer to OFF.
If your PIC is a PIC16F84 set power-up timer to ON.
Check after loading the hex file if the setting is still correct. In the hex file the configuration could be defined different.

Windows 9X and NT Programmer.

The first programmer can be used with Windows 9X and Windows NT.

The Windows programmer schematic.

The Windows programmer.

The Win/NT programmer software. (ntpicpr.zip)

DOS Programmer.

The second programmer can be used under DOS.

The DOS programmer schematic.

The DOS programmer.

The programmer software. (pix109b.zip)





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