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     This drawing was made in Singapore in 1997. I was told that it means 'Good Fortune'. Click for the explanation.    



Holiday Mallorca 2007 page








This year we had a fantastic holiday on Mallorca (Spain). We stayed at the hotel El Vistamar in Portocolom. Portocolom is a small harbor city. The hotel has 2 swimming pools. Breakfast and dinner is very good and there is entertainment for all ages.
An important tip for people who travel by plain from Schiphol (Netherlands) with Transavia: Take empty bottles through the customs and fill them with water just before you board.
The European regulation does not allowed you to pass customs with more than 100ml packets of fluids, with a max of 1000ml per person, in a transparent bag.

Sarah is all packed and ready. Come on, I want to swim in the swimming pool.

We stayed on the second highest floor, most right, of the hotel. From our balcony we had a nice view on both the harbor and see.

This is the entrance of the hotel. 

This is one of the 2 swimming pools. 

Sarah is ready for a good time. A lot of swimming and dancing! 

Dinner is a feast every day! 

The people of the hotel are polite and helpful. 

From 20:30 to 21:00 there is a mini disco. Organized by Monika and Michal. They are very enthusiastic people, who can bring children to dance and have fun! Here the kids are having fun on the song Agadou (Saragossa band).

Another song all children know. The "Bird" song.

This song is very popular, Chips and Cowboy.

During this dance we all had to get on the dance floor. The Guus Meeuwis song kedeng kedeng, in a English cover "Holiday express".

An animation team performed Grease. On the right is Patty. Here you can read more about Patty.

Sarah and Kim are fascinated about the show. 

A magician showed many tricks.

Monika is reading the Bingo numbers. Annemieke won over 24 euro with the Bingo.
Monika and Michal form the animation team in our hotel

After some days of doing close to nothing, Frank and I went for the first walk 1.
Here are some pictures I took during the walk. Advice: do not wear new shoes.


Next day we took this boat for an adventure trip.

The was the destination of our trip: Calla Marçal.
Next a beer and new shoes.


The " Starvish" boat has a glass window, so you can see the fish underneath the boat. The boat will pick-up and drop people in many bay's south of Portocolom.
At the end of the trip they will drop the anchor and you can swim.
The next pictures are taken from the boat during the trip.


The lighthouse of Portocolom.

The "El Vistamar" hotel, can be seen from the harbor.

You should visit the cave of Arta. This sea-gull guards the entrance of the cave. This bird will make sure that you do not litter any food. If you do, he will clean it up.

The entrance fee is 9 euro.
The 40 minutes guided tour will take you through whole the cave.

In Manacor you will find the Majorica pearl factory. The factory is founded in 1890 by a German immigrant Eduardo Hugo Heusch.
The Mallorca pearls are also well-known. When I heard "pearl factory" for the first time, I wondered why it was called "factory".


In this picture the nucleus is made from glass.
These nuclei are dipped in high quality material called essence d'orient and polished between each dipping. A special final coating is applied. This varnish is hardened by ultraviolet radiation.
The Majorica pearls are world finest imitation pears.

Click for playing the video.

In this video you can see the details.



Near the Majorica pearl factory you will find these prehistoric animals. 

Four Spanish flamenco dancers gave a Spanish dance impression. Fire came from their feed.. 

To get into the mood, please watch this video.

Click for playing the video.

The second walk was guided by Michal. During the trip we decided to take the heavy trip. We walked very close to the cliffs.
If you want to take the same walk, use
this link to see the coordinates in Google Earth. 

Click for playing the video.

To get an impression what you see along the coast, please watch this video.

This was our destination of our 5 hour trip, Calla Murada. 

The trip was a real success, thanks Frank and Michal!
We really appreciated a cold beer.

Every night I was uploading the photo's to my web server. I used the hotel computer for this. This way I am always sure that the photo's are save. For this I had to change the "XD" memory card. at a certain point one of the memory card became corrupt. i am still working on recovery of the photo's. For the time being I grabbed some frames from the camcorder. 

We found some money (40 euro) on the street in Calla D'or. This money was spend on a Spanish dress for Sarah and a nice fruit cocktail.

Going to Marineland is also a nice daytrip. We were very lucky to sit in the front row. The splash zone.  

The shows are spectacular. 


We used our Tomtom Euro XL with the latest Spain and Portugal map. For the first time we did not need a map for navigation.
On this page you can find many coordinates you can use for pre programming your navigation device.
On the screen the route from Marineland to El Vistamar is displayed.





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