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Holiday Greece Lesbos 2006 page








This year, 2006 we spend our holidays on the Greek island Lesbos (Lesvos). Before going to the resort where we stayed, please read text at the end of this page.

We parked our car at an "autohotel". Be careful with parking at a cheaper car park near Schiphol. Make photos of your car before parking. You can be used for damage check afterwards. Read more about our damage at the end of this page.

We are on our way to Schiphol Amsterdam.

Our flight was at 6:30 hours. For Sarah the first exiting flight. All Barbie's and painting tools packed.

This airplane will take us to the Greek Lesbos Island.


The family is entering the plain. 

Sarah is relaxed. 

We picked up our car at the airport and took a tourist route to the resort in Eftalou.
We passed the
Roman aqueduct at Moria.

At the resort the kids are amused, with dancing and playing. 

Sarah is having a good time.

Look at my Barbie.

Making friends at the resort.

Collecting stones at Anaxos beach.

Do you like my sunglasses. 

A greek salad on the beach.

Another dance afternoon.

Dancing, dancing, dancing...

The trampoline is ok.

Sarah meets new friends. 

The swimming pool is perfect.

Annemieke and Sarah are having a good time.

We are on our way to a donkey farm for a donkey trip.

We have met nice people from the Netherlands. Sarah has met a new friend Iris. 

This is the donkeys farm.

Sarah has found her donkey..,. The donkey is pregnant.

This is Kostas him self.

Where is the steering wheel?

Ok, this is how it works, just hold on. 

On the top of the hill you can see the Molyvos (Molivos) medieval castle.
Find more information here.

This is the view you get from the Molyvos castle to the west side.

The donkey trip will take 40 minutes. 

This spider is was found in the car. It's size is 6cm.

Sarah, Iris and friend enjoy the sunset.

You can find many good restaurants.

Friends forever. 

Off course....there are many gift shops in Molyvos. 

When you are on holiday in Lesbos (Lesvos) you should visit the petrified forest in Sigri (West Lesbos).
This is a detailed map of Lesbos.
Here are some pictures of the petrified forest.








After the visit of the petrified forest. You can stop in Andissa for the famous home made chocolate cake.

Sunset at Eftalou. 

Farewell present. 

Having dinner at Molyvos Harbor. 

In the background Molyvos castle.

The "Kidsclub" was well organized. Every day the kids can play and dance. 

The result of an afternoons work. 

The swimming pool barkeeper, brought me in contact with Lakis. We could rent a boat for 4 hours to visit the " Pirate island". The island can be seen from the Anaxos beach.
Just go to the Anaxos beach and book your boat.

Preparing for take off. Sarah will wear a life jacket.

We were the only people on the "Pirate island". We ate our packed lunch and enjoyed the silence. 

At first Sarah was a bit frightened. But during the boat trip back to the Anaxos beach, she stood straight up in front of the boat! 

It was my first time as captain. We probably will rent a boat more often. 

We had dinner at Anaxos beach in this restaurant. The owner of the restaurant is family of the resort Pool barkeeper.

I love waterfalls, so we started a trip to the "secret" waterfall of Pesas. This waterfall is very hard to find. It is 3kms south of Achladeri. If the signs are not replaced soon you will not find it at all.
Here are some pictures of the road signs you must follow.


The dusty road came to an end. So now we have to continue by food.




When we picked our car at the "Autohotel" Rijsenhout, we noticed that our car was damaged. No discussion was possible because we could not prove whether the damage was made by them.

I do not recommend you to go to the Alcaeos Beach Club all-inclusive resort. We were lucky not to get sick. Other people who stayed at this resort got sick and spend most of the time in bed. Just before we arrived, a child was transported to the hospital. The child had food poisoning.
During our stay it became clear that the salad bar was not chilled. The pasta and leftovers were reused.
Some other remarks:

  • Only water from the tap is free. Water from the bottle is not free.
  • Ice cubes are made from tap water.
  • All free soft drinks have a sweetener like Aspartame. Regular cola or sprite is not free.
  • The noise from the resort bar will keep you awake until very late.

If you have complaints write them down on location and try to get a signature from the local management or tour guide. You will probably not get a signature.
We booked with "Go-Best". When we returned home I filed my complain to Go-Best. They were not aware there are any problems and will not contact the resort.
Please be carefull, children can be damaged for life if they catch Hepatitis-B.

Do not spend your holiday at this resort:





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