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     This drawing was made in Singapore in 1997. I was told that it means 'Good Fortune'. Click for the explanation.    



Holiday Italy 2005 page








This year we spend our holiday in Italy at the Garda Lake. We rented a bungalow at the Tignale Sunglass Bungalow Park. The park is located on the slope of a mountain.
You will find coordinates of many places and Pushpins for Google Earth.

Were are packed and ready to go.

We spend a night in Hotel Krone in Neuenburg. We were lucky to have two rooms for the price of one

We took the gotthard tunnel to cross the Swiss Italian border. In the tunnel of 17 kilometers the temperature raise to 42 degrees.

On Father's day daddy received a key-rack made by Sarah.

Sarah is painting.

The neighbor's dog always cleans up our leftovers.

Riva is located at the north side of the Garda Lake. You will find many beautiful yachts in the harbor.

Sarah is collecting stones. This is one of the gravel beaches of Riva.

There are plenty of souvenir shops. Sarah is exhausted.

The Apponale tower ( La Torre Apponale) in Riva. The tower's name, 'Apponale', derives from the fact that it was build on the side of the harbor called 'Portus a Ponale', while the building of the tower started in the 13th century. It is build of cut stones of various sizes and bears two clocks almost at its top, one facing the lake and the other the square.

Marieke from the animation team, is painting Sarah's face

Somewhere near Tignale, we found several bungalows. This bungalow park was never finished.

Sarah has found a beetle.

Disco time.

We took our inflatable canoe to explore the Garda Lake. Here did we parked the car.

Due to the mild climate, the cultivation of lemon was important income in the past. The name of Limone is not derived from 'lemon' but from 'limes' in Latin 'border'. Until 2nd world war Limone was border town between Italy and Austria. Nowadays it is just a border town between the provinces: Brescia and Trentino. You will find many beautiful streets.

We took the car ferry from Maderno to Torre Del Benaco to visit the local market.

Sarah and Tristan are both exited about the boat trip.

It is worthwhile to look around in Torre Del Benaco.

Sarah is having fun with Tristan in the swimming pool.

Sarah is having fun with NoraLuka and Tristan underneath the table with an ice cream.

We first intended to visit Venice, but instead we visited Verona. The temperature was 38 degrees. In the centre of Verona you will find the first century Roman Coliseum. This is the second biggest Coliseum. Only the Coliseum in Rome is bigger. The acoustics are perfect. This accidentally discovered by an opera singer who was rehearsing for the part Radames in Ada. Since that time there is an opera festival every year.

Having a drink on the Verona square.

There are nice shopping streets near the Coliseum.

We bought this mask.

The 'Piazza bra'.

On our way from Verona back to the bungalow we were caught by a hail storm in Tignale. In Verona the temperature was 38 degrees and in Tignale the temperature was 18 degrees. Rocks with diameter of 6cm came down on our car together with a lot of rain.

This is the reception and market of the Sunglass Bungalow park.

Sarah is eating her first pizza.

Sarah received a nice drawing from NoraLuka as a good-bye present.

We used the Brenner Pass on our way home. Italian: 'Passo Del Brennero' is a pass through the Tyrolean alps on the present border between Austria and Italy.

We booked for one night in the Dorint Hotel Augsburg. With the LCD tv it was possible to watch all hotel pay TV channels without paying for them.





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