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     This drawing was made in Singapore in 1997. I was told that it means 'Good Fortune'. Click for the explanation.    



Holiday Luxemburg 2003 page








This year we spend our holiday in Luxemburg. We rented a house that we found on Happy home. The " Meijerheim". It is possible to rent it.

We took our bikes with us. We did not use the bikes unfortunately. As you can see the car was overloaded.

The "Meijerheim" is complete furnished with many bedrooms

We spend a day in Bastogne (Bastenaken). In 1946, Léopold set up an old wagon from a Brussels tram in Bastogne to sell fries. Today, the name Léo remains, and is still connected with the wagon. For over half a century, the reputation of Leo's restaurant (Wagon Leo) has continued to grow.

The Rue du Sablon is a nice shopping street.

Situated by a curve of the river Ourthe, the small town of La Roche-en-Ardenne is one of the more popular tourist destinations in the Ardennes. Walking, kayaking and mountain-biking are among the popular outdoor activities in the area. The town's medieval castle was in use between the 9th and 18th centuries.

The citadel of Reuland is a ruïne complex of 65 by 55 meters. It is one of the biggest medieval fortress of the Ardennen-Eifelmassief. Archaeological remains prove the relation with the noble "De Ruland", known from the twelfth-century. The sixteenth-century basement room was the entrance to the loop holed wall.





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