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Holiday Samos 2001 page








Read more on this page about these two wonderfull people.

Here is information about Samos (Vathi), Pythagorio.
During the holiday 2001 I wrote a journal of 50 pages. Rework on these pages took me a long time.
Annemieke wrote most of the text.

With a new Dutch Airplane Company called "DutchBird" we flew to Samos. The plane was named after a famous Dutch female-singer 'Marianne Weber'.

We arrived at Samos airport after a breathtaking flight over the island of Samos. We made a rough start of our holiday, because the rental car (a 4-WD jeep ) wasn't placed at the airport but at our appartments. But with the cooperation of Hertz the problem was solved in half an hour.

The appartments were based on a very steep hill. And since we have made it our first priority on holidays: silence and rest! We had the room on top of this hill; that meant every day 92 stair-steps to the car and back.

The appartment was small but nice; a livingroom with open doors to the veranda, a bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and hall. Our beds were done by a very nice cleaninglady. Every day she made a new artwork of our sheets and she never forgot to put some fresh flowers on the bed.

Homemade shower.

Greece is famous for its archeological sites; Samos is no exemption. After a rough ride through military grounds just along the coast we arrived at Iraion. Ruins of Heraion - Temple of Hera.

This place Iraion is wellknown for the excavation of a lonely column (10 metres high). In the antiquity it was almost twice as high and belonged to a temple which was dedicated to the goddess Hera.

Just adorable!!!

A great dinner with (f.l.t.r) Ronald, Annemieke and Xavier. Xavier was a D.J. at the music-club in Kokkari.
This is a very relaxed place for lounching after swimming and sunning at the beach. ----(beach music plays)-----

Kokkari-beach. A wild sea with great water to swim or surf. Listen to the audio to get into the mood.

Panaghia Spiliani, a temple in a cave…

Next to the temple there is a bath carved out, it is filled with "holy" water dripping from stone in the cave.

These plants you can find all over the island of Samos. It is a kind of corn and the Greek people can make Fava from it. Papa (from the boat) prepared it for us during lunchtime. It tastes like mushed potatoes with onions and some other herbs. Very delicious!
Some Dutch Creek restaurants have it on their menu.

Also available in the local store.

Late at night we came back from dinner. We always relaxed on the balcony with a good book and a drink. When suddenly we heard some noise in the bush in front of the balcony. At first we'd thought: mice or rats!! But no, after inspection we found a red mothercat with three kittens. Just born, with there eyes still shut.

During our holiday we'd pampered the mothercat with food and water. Soon she was so used to us she spent all of her time on our balcony.
I'm sorry to say at least 2 of the three kittens didn't survive.

Near ( Psili Ammos) Psilí Ámmos there is a breadingplace for pelicans.

During the month from november until june, you will find wild pelicans. Unfortunally not in the weeks we were on Samos.
Now it was a deserted lake with dry salt.

The Psilí Ámmos beach 300m long and you have beautiful view on the Turkey's mountains.

An accident with a big branch. It was almost impossible to remove it from the jeep. We'd nearly ruined the Suzuki Vitara…

Because Greece and Turkey have a history of war, there are a lot of military grounds. The military bases are positioned on strategical places. The Island Samos is close the main land of Turkey. There are rumors spread that Turkey started the Fires in 2000, that destroyed 70 percent of the island. So the Greek people are afraid.

When you enter such an envirronment you are not allowed to take pictures. See the sign.
In the year 2001 5 dutch guys were arrested. The trial will be held in 2002. So please do not underestimate the military.

TIP: When you are planning to visit Turkey during your stay on Samos you are taking a risk. It trip will cost a lot. You will probably go by boat, so you have to pay 4 times the harbor tax, the boat trip and the return-ticket to Turkey. When for what reason you missed your boat back, you will have a additional problem. Your charter (plain) ticket will become wortless and you have to by a new plane ticket back home. Do not ask me why, but this is true.

Wonderful beaches all over Samos. This is the Potokaki beach. After driving for several hours exploring the island it was always a delight to take a dip in the sea and relaxe on a beach. Sometimes with a greek salad and fresh orange juice.

Last year (2000) there was a terrible fire on Samos. It destroyed a lot of land and nature. Several monasteries were endangered because of political reasons. The outside walls of this monastery ( Moni Vronda) are damaged and some collapsed because the burning trees were not allowed to cut down. The temple in the middle of this monastery was fortunately saved.

Some advise: When you enter a monastery you have to be decently dressed. That means: long trousers for the men and a long skirt or trousers for the women, cover up your bare shoulders. It will be appreciated.

A whole landscape with burned and scorched trees. It is a sad, sad sight.

These are sattelite pictures of the fires. On Thursday 6 July 2000, a fire started to burn large part of the Aegean Sea island of Samos. Many fires started on this week in Greece due to the high temperatures (up to 40° C), but Samos is the scene of the largest fire in the country. The state of emergency was decleared: homes were evacuated as about 450 firefighters.... Read more at ESA Earth observation.

A sign "To the beach" is every afternoon a blessing. Unpacking the car, swimming flippers, snorkel and light weight "Hema" coolbox with cold drinks.
This beach is "
Papa Beach". A wonderful little bay with rocks and sand, ideal for swimming in a quiet environment far from the crowded beaches.

This beach can be found near Iraion. You should take a small dust road among the south coast, you can't mis it.

The Normal price for bed and parasol on Samos is 1600DRG for one whole day. But most of the time in the afternoon you pay half this price.

After a long day of crossing the middle of the island on all possible dust roads we reached Manolates also known as the "Village of flowers". Near the Village there is the Tavern " Lukas" with the most beautiful sight of the island.

Directly below the terrace you will discover a traditional open-air distillery where the inkeeper distills the "Souma" every year in the second half of october.
Souma is a kind of grappa and along with the Samos whine the Samian national drink.

One day we stumbled on a piece of paper attached in tree. We will not tell you exactly where. After driving for some hours we reached an open gate. We saw that we ended at a private place. Just when I tried to turn the car, a man waved at us where to park the jeep.
He invited us to his home. We will not give you the location.

Giannis invited us for coffee. We had to sit on the only two chairs he had. He himself, sat down on a crate. The place was near a steep cost edge. He showed us his oven for making bread. He is very proud of his ingenious system to water his crops. He grows tomato, grape and cucumber. Before we knew we received a very strong greek cofee with a glass of water and a fresh cucumber.

Giannis explained us that this place was the family holiday home. Every year the whole family gathers here.
We were very grateful and astonished about the Greek hospitality.

We read a lot about the restaurant "Posidonio" in Poseidonion, south-east Samos. According to all books it is the best Fish Tavern on Samos.

The sea food is fresh because all the food was alive in the sea the same day. The fisher boats are all property of the family that owns the tavern.
Later we met "Captain Cook" (left) and his son (middle).

Earlier that day we spend some time at a small beach next to the taverne. I noticed a boat with passengiers dock to the same pier as the fisher boad did.
I went to the waiter of the tavern and asked him if it was possible to book a rip on that boad and if he knew the owner. I was lucky, he imediatly heard that I was Dutch and told me that he had a dutch wife. He told me that he knew the captain of the boad and he would try to arrange something.
At the end he arranged for Annemieke and I a boat trip for one complete day, including luch. Wow we where in the seventh heaven!

We had a lobster and enjoyed it a lot. Our table was so close to the see that we could catch fish by just reaching in the water.

We agreed to meet the next morning.
The captain of the boat is Antonis. But we had to call him "Adonis".

His father was also on board and asked us what we would like to drink. Some minutes later when the boad was already on his way, Annemieke was lurking on half a litre cola and I was sipping on Ouzo.
Adonis told us that we should relax and enjoy the trip. He would bring us to a spot where the see water is incredible clear.

We arrived at a spot far away from civilization. Annemieke and I enjoyed swimming and snorkling. From a distance we could see what a beautiful boat the "Chriso T" is. Adonis is very proud!

Adonis's father prepared the lunch while we were swimming. He prepared a complete table of delicious food at the back of the ship. When we started to eat they left to the front of the boat. We asked them to join us. After convincing them that we realy would like them to join us they did.

We had a wonderfull time on board. Adonis and "papa" made our day.

TIP: When ever you visit the taverne Posidonio ask for Adonis.
When you visit the city Pythagorio (south Samos) and you walk along all the restaurants and boats you will probably find the boat "Chriso T" with Adonis somewhere near.

Later that day Adonis invited us for a party at the taverne Posidonio. He told us that he would sing and play the bazooki.

The party was "real". This is the real Samos. Not like the party's a travel agency would organize!!!!!

The son of Captain Cook gave Annemieke a present, a real pirate bandana. Now she had joined the club of pirates!!!

When Janis "Captain Cook" really got in the mood he went to the dance floor and forgot everything and everyone around him and started to dance.

The last day we drove to the north-west of Samos. This is a picture taken near Karlovassi.

The evening before we left we promised to have dinner in the restaurant Maritsa. The restaurant is owned and run by the parents (mother) of Adonis. You can find the restaurant in one of the side-streets of the Pythagorio boulevard. Don't mis it!

TIP: Some information about car parking on the Samos city boulevard.

Nobody told us that there where some parking restrictions. When you see this parking-sign please be aware that at the height of the season you must use the parking card as shown below. You can buy this card at every kiosk or bookstore. If the police writes a ticket it will cost you 100 euro.
This parking rule is introduced to prevent that car rental companies park cars for rent along the boulevard.

We still have 10 cards left. If you are interested e-mail us.

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