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Eurocrypt PC emulator page








 30-05-2000 The MacBase PC Emulator source is published. The source is developed, using Borland C++ Version 3.1 for DOS. This brings me to the next point. I will stay low for a while because I want to experiment more with Visual C++.

04-03-2000 The MacBase PC Emulator V1.0 is published.

02-03-2000 The Emulator is already working on many decoders. I try to handle all decoder messages at least as good as the present MacBase 1 PIC software.

The MacBase PC Emulator

The software

The zip file macbase.zip, holds the emulator and the key file.

The command line

The command line can hold the following:

Example (and default):
/c com1 /s s /b 9600 /d1 3000 /d2 200 /d3 100

Where "/c" is the Serial port number. [com1, com2, com3, com4]
"/s" is the emulation mode. [s, m]
"/b" is the baudrate. [9600,10000 or other number]
"/d1" is the delay between Reset and Answer To Reset.
"/d2" is the delay between sending and sending or receiving the next byte.
"/d3" is the delay between receiving and sending or receiving the next byte.

The MacBase Emulator Source

The zip file msource.zip, holds all source files. Please use the software only for education.

The PC Interface

The interface circuit.





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