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Aspartame page








The Chemical Sweetener: Aspartame.

Since the keyword "Aspartame", "Aspartaam" is becoming more and more a hit on the internet, probably because more an more people become aware of the danger, I have translated this page.
When you search on the internet on "Aspartame" (=E951) you will find a lot of negative information about it.
I drunk Pepsimax because it does not contain sugar. After reading several Research results I immediately stopped using products containing Aspartame.
The problem however, more and more products contain Aspartame.

What alarms me the most is the products for children. Nowadays parents do not want their children to eat too much sugar so many parents think aspartame is better.......

Please be aware that many research has been done proving the danger of Aspartame, but as long as the profit of selling Aspartame is high the use will expand. Just think of cigarette smoking. In the past it was normal and "Not dangerous". Now we know better.

My suggestion would be; Better notice on the products that it contains Aspartame. Like the notice by law in the Netherlands on the cigarette package "Smoking is dangerous".

As long as it is not proving to be NOT dangerous try to use products containing Aspartame as less as possible. When using to much Aspartame it can cause:
. Birth Defects
. Abdominal Pain
. Brain Cancer
. Depression
. Hair Loss
. Insomnia
. Muscle spasms
. Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

Here are some links about Aspartame:

This site in dutch has a clear statement about Aspartame (dutch).

Soft drink manufacturers should not use aspartame (dutch)

Some politicians are also concerned (dutch).

The same politician (dutch).

Yes and No's about Aspartame (dutch).

Many "light" product contain Aspartame (=E951), please be careful!





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